Maqsood Malik

Board of Advisors

Mr. Malik is the Founder, President and CEO of M&J Engineering P.C., which he established in 2004. He has over twenty years of experience in civil engineering, including: analysis, design; and condition / construction inspection of roadways, bridges, tunnels, buildings, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) components. He is a specialist in providing construction inspection services on large and complex highway, bridge and ITS projects in the NY Metropolitan area.

He has a distinguished record as a specialist in the construction and maintenance of ITS. He has served as the Project Manager and Resident Engineer on several of the largest ITS projects in the New York Metropolitan area including the Van Wyck Expressway, BQE, Belt Parkway, Prospect / Gowanus Expressway, Bruckner Expressway, Cross Bronx Expressway, Northern State Parkway, and many others.

Mr. Malik is also a licensed and certified building inspector and has many years of inspection experience. He has served as a Resident Engineer with two major consultant firms prior to establishing M&J Engineers. He has provided constructability review and value engineering services to distinguished clients. He is a registered professional engineer in three countries and eight states.

Mr. Malik’s strongest asset is his ability to meld technical requirements, institutional issues, business constraints, and human factors. Mr. Malik delivers optimum real-world solutions to our clients and our employees, which enables the work to be built on schedule and within budget without compromising safety or quality. As President & CEO Mr. Malik is responsible for the managing, planning, directing and delivering of Quality Control / Quality Assurance to all of M&J's clientele. Mr. Malik is also in charge of developing and implementing M&J's corporate wide plan for growth.