Alican Sevim

2019-20 Fellows

Alican Sevim could gain his Bachelor’s Science degree in Civil Engineering in just three years with honors from Istanbul Technical University, in Istanbul, Turkey, conferred in 2018. This has been achieved by only %1 ITU graduates so far. Just after his graduation, he enrolled in Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science as a candidate in the Construction Engineering and Management Master of Science Program beginning Fall2019.

He participated in some significant national projects as an intern, and academic projects, when he was at university. He took part in one of the largest airport projects of the world, which is named as Istanbul Grand Airport. He mainly attended some superstructure projects of the airport such as Energy Center Project of the Airport. For this project, he had the chance to make collaboration with other engineering fields. Mainly, he worked with electrical and mechanical engineers. Furthermore, he had a significant chance to be part of Turkey’s largest Urban Renewal Project. At this project, he collaborated with experienced Project and Construction Managers. After all, it should be highlighted that Alican Sevim is one of the member of the most important team of Civil Engineering Faculty of ITU. Alican’s team achieved the design of the first Crash Cushion Project of Turkey for Istanbul city under control of his advisor, and his team cooperated with Istanbul Municipality for this project. Besides these, he designed four-floor hospital, highway and railway and some geotechnical engineering projects, when he was at ITU.

Finally, he would like to integrate his technical and practical knowledge with experiences that he hope will gain from CBIPS to solve real-world issues for New York City and World by considering vital engineering parameters including sustainability, resilience, safety, and of course time, quality, and budget. Thanks to CBIPS, he hope learn how to best design, construct and manage buildings, infrastructures and public spaces by using up-to-date technological improvements by collaborating with the pioneers of AEC sector. In addition, he firstly would like to take part in cybersecurity and secure by design research project. And secondly, he preferably would take a role in NYC Department of Environmental Protection research topic. Consequently, as a young and hardworking intellectual, he believe that he can contribute to the research program that he will join with his persistent character, hardworking personality, and effective team membership.