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Presentations in the form of PowerPoints or posters have been prepared by Fellows and Faculty of the Center for Buildings, Infrastructure and Public Space to share research in progress or to bring additional individuals or organizations into the discussion. They are attached through links to pdf primarily to give an indication of the priorities and nature of the research work and to anticipate, in format or nature, anticipated upcoming work. In addition, the posters prepared by the Fellows of the inaugural year, academic year 2018-2019, are on view in the 7th floor CBIPS Studio Lab in the Seeley Mudd Building. 



Advisory Board Meeting of 10.10.23

CBIPS Advisory Board Student Presentations

Rick Bell
Alejandro Lizcano
Julio Tupayachi
Senator Schumer keynote

Senator Schumer Keynote

Rick Bell
CBIPS Field Study

CBIPS Introduction

Rick Bell
Alejandro Lizcano
Julio Tupayachi
EV Charging Station

Electric Vehicle Charging and Multi-Family Housing

Shivani Patel
Aashini Patel
Fumin Chen
Sruta Gunuganti
Hardhik Kasireddy
Inclusive Contracting

Equity in Infrastructure

Siddhe Deshpande
Rajveer Gurbuxani
Alejandro Lizcano
Yuhuan Gao
Digital twins virtually replicate existing infrastructure or buildings.

Digital Twin and BIM Guidelines

Sai Mithil Krishna Kumar
Feng Zhang
Qixiao Zhang


Existing bridge at Union Turnpike and Cross Island Expressway

Digital Twin Case Study

Julio Tupayachi
Rishav Shrivastav
Chintan Vohra
Atmaja Vilas Patil
Waheed Ahmad Safi
Michael Leyton Bradley
Jad Aldaod
CBIPS Board of Advisors Meeting of 10.18.22

Equity in Infrastructure Colloquium

Feniosky Pena-Mora
Rick Bell
STV Industry Field Study

STV Industry Field Study

Maralisa Stigliano
Elisabetta Barzi
AECOM Industry Field Study

AECOM Industry Field Study

Lizzie Song
Dimitra Karachaliou
PHARES at the Place de la Concorde

CBIPS_Guest Lecture_Milène Guermont "From concrete to light to... habitable total art"

Rick Bell
Commercial Real Estate and Sustainability

CBIPS_Commercial Real Estate_Sustainability

Rujutha Parameswaran, Roopesh Pugalendi, Harsh Patel
Real Estate and Affordable Housing

CBIPS_Real Estate_Affordable Housing

Aakash Goel, Jennie Gandhi, Qinyang Zhu, Chitiz Sahani
Tour Watt by VLAU

CBIPS_Guest Lecture_Vincent Lavergne on Mass Timber

Vincent Lavergne
Kate Dunham on Zoning and its impact on the neighborhoods we live in

CBIPS_Guest Lecture_Kate Dunham on Zoning

Kate Dunham
Data Analytics in Smart Infrastructure

CBIPS_Data Analytics_Smart Infrastructure

Jennifer Nelsson, Kahan Shah, Rohan Ghatage
Data Analytics in Construction Safety

CBIPS_Data Analytics_Construction Safety

Yuhuan Gao, Hongxin Jiang, Haiwen Zhu
Robotics in Construction Technology

CBIPS_Construction Technology_Robotics & AI

Atmaja Patil, Hardhik Kasireddy, Rishav Shrivastav, Victoria Yip
Modular technology

CBIPS_Construction Technology_Modular

Lin Shi, Wenjun Gao, Ning Wang, Derry Radityatama, Kenichiro Suzuki
CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_Summary_3.19.22

Rick Bell
City of Chicago Strategic Plan for Transportation prepared by the Chicago Department of Transportation

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_CDOT_3.18.22

Rick Bell
Affordable modular housing by inherent13c

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_inherent13c_3.18.22

Rick Bell
Affordable modular housing by Kinexx Modular Construction

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_Kinexx_3.17.22

Rick Bell
One Central by the Chicago Office of WSP

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_WSP_3.17.22

Rick Bell
Ascent Tower (mass timber) by the Chicago Office of Thornton Tomasetti

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_Thornton Tomasetti_3.16.22

Rick Bell
Vista Tower by Studio Gang

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_Studio Gang_3.16.22

Rick Bell
Millennium Park by the Chicago Office of AECOM

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_AECOM_3.15.22

Rick Bell
Chicago Riverwalk by Ross Barney Architects

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_Ross Barney Architects_3.15.22

Rick Bell
Chicago Architecture Center model

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_Chicago Architecture Center_3.14.22

Rick Bell
Art Institute of Chicago by Turner Construction

CBIPS Chicago Virtual Field Study_Turner Construction_3.14.22

Rick Bell

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