Anke Liu

2019-20 Fellows

Anke Liu is an incoming student enrolled in the Master’s Degree program for Construction Engineering & Management at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University. Her undergraduate degree was double B.S. majoring in Civil Engineering and Mathematics in Syracuse, NY, conferred in May 2019. She graduated with the highest distinction, Summa Cum Laude, recognized in the United States.

She had the privilege of working as a summer intern at the Dubai Contracting Company last summer, where she explored the knowledge of design features encounters at eight project sites in Dubai. This experience has not only brought her an understanding of how to plan and execute construction projects but also made her decide to concentrate on construction management as the master degree. What’s more, working in a totally international environment in Dubai has taught her how diverse perspectives can make a team stronger.  

Her other two past experiences working in the field of big data have also given her a strong desire to possess the programming tools to analyze problems in the digital world. She also took many programming courses in the undergraduate school, including Java, Python, R, and Matlab. In this case, she has a great passion for merging her mathematical and computerized skills with construction, and has a great interest to focus on Visualization and Data Analytics as her research project at CBIPS.