Ben Pape

Board of Alumni

Ben Pape is a New York-licensed Professional Engineer with experience in construction management, logistics, temporary structures design, and project cost controls.

He has worked in and around New York City on construction of the new Goethals cable-stayed bridge, renewable energy facilities, bridge repairs, mixed-use complexes, and transit substations.  Outside of the United States he spent 2 years working on a greenfield airport project in the Middle Eastern city of Doha, Qatar.

Currently Ben is working on the new concourse for the East Side Access project underneath Grand Central terminal in Midtown Manhattan.

In 2014 he received his Master’s Degree from Columbia University in Civil Engineering.  While at Columbia he was a member of the GLCM, and also researched the application of large-scale 3D printing for single family homes. 

Ben completed his undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin, also in Civil Engineering. He is originally from Chevy Chase, MD and frequently has to explain it is not named after the actor.  He likes to travel and explore other countries public transit, on his last trip to China he took the new high speed train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.