David Felipe Paniagua Hernandez

2018-19 Fellows

Felipe Paniagua is a fellow. of the center for buildings, infrastructure and public space and enrolled in the master’s degree program for Construction Engineering & Management at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) conferred in February 2017.

Felipe has the particularity of having work experiences in public, private, and nonprofit organizations. In Costs Rica he worked for a real estate condominium developer as a site engineer where he oversaw construction management, schedules, and inspections for large residential condominiums projects.  Later, he worked as a site inspector for public entity Costa Rican Institute of Electricity, which has the task of production and distribution of electricity in Cost Rica, where he inspected projects across his home country. Following his social commitment, he started his international career working for Planning. Design, and Construction Section of United Nations Headquarters in New York City, where he conducted on-site inspections across the headquarters complex and presenting project information to architects and organization stakeholders.

His research interest include Modular Construction and Robotics applied in construction projects, particularly in social driven projects. At CBIPS he will be focusing in research and evaluation technical solutions for infrastructure maintenance and operations.