Jaison George

2020-21 Fellows

Jaison George is a Fellow of the Center for Buildings, Infrastructure and Public Spaces and is enrolled in the Master’s Degree program for Construction Engineering and Management at Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University. He did his Undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore, India which was conferred upon him in 2018. He went on to complete his Professional Civil CAD certification which made him proficient in Primavera, Revit Architecture and MS Project.

In the final year of his undergraduate program, he worked on Dynamic Routing for Municipal Waste Collection, wherein he led his group to investigate problems in the waste collection system of Vellore. The goal of his team was to propose a more efficient and robust method for the same using ArcGIS to increase the reliability of the system.

He gained noteworthy experience working as a trainee engineer at RRC Ventures pvt. Ltd where he worked on site for a 25 storey residential building. The project was a part of the real estate project by Hiranandani Developers in Mumbai. His internship at Vijay Suraksha Realty focused on executing RCC foundation work and performing quality control checks on site alongside supervising successful water proofing of the foundation of the building. These experiences provided him the chance to gain practical knowledge on site about workforce planning and project management.

His research interests are centered on improving efficiency in the construction industry employing the lean construction approach and various project delivery methods. At CBIPS, he is to participate in the Washington Heights Research Group wherein, the participants will be working on highlighting the significance of old cultural neighbourhoods in these modern times, and propose renovations while preserving their heritage along with keeping their rich cultural and social values intact.