Marietta Alcover-Ramos

Board of Alumni

Marietta Alcover-Ramos is an assistant superintendent at the Moynihan Train Hall project ($1.6 Billion) for Skanska Building USA. She was selected to supervise skylight installation, a crucial milestone in the Moynihan Station Project, and manage on-site field labor force of all trades including demolition, concrete, and restoration. Previously, Marietta worked as a Senior Project Engineer at the Port Authority of NY & NJ World Trade Center Transportation Hub Project ($815 Million), where she contributed to the management of all architectural trades and rebar with project managers and general Superintendent. Marietta holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics from Columbia University, and is currently completing a Master of Business Administration specialized in Supply Chain Management & Global Sourcing, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation from New York University (Dec 2018).