Mohammed Maseeh Ibrahim

2019-20 Fellows

Mohammed Maseeh Ibrahim is a Fellow of the Center for Buildings, Infrastructure and Public Space and enrolled in the Master’s Degree program for Construction Engineering & Management at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University. His undergraduate degree was a B.Tech in Civil Engineering from PES University in Bangalore, India, conferred in 2019.

He has significant experience working as an intern at the Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Bangalore where he concentrated on development of public space by undertaking projects such as Feasibility of Public Bicycle Sharing system and improving level of service of intersections near metro stations to improve the accessibility of users. His internship at Starcom InfoTech Pvt Ltd focused on product development of their finite element analysis software NISA by performing analysis and design of structures. At CBIPS he will be participating in the research efforts pertaining to sustainable and pragmatic design of NYC parks which involves development of existing design to make it more economical so that the public funds can be used for other useful work. He will also work along Visualization and Data Analytics which involves use of information technology in Construction to make the process of construction more streamlined, safe, efficient and economical.