Prakash Raja Karthik Raja Chandra Sekaran

Board of Alumni

I am a construction project manager with Pizzarotti LLC. Started as an intern in my summer with IBC groups which joint ventured with PIzzarotti and later acquired by PIzzarotti in 2015.

Been working with Pizzarotti for the past 5 year and a half years and worked my way up from being an intern to being promoted as a project manager. I worked on a rotational program initially as an intern gaining knowledge in all aspects of the construction business.

I have worked on 2 ground up constructions projects, a 33-story AC Marriott hotel 140,000SF and a 60-story high end residential construction 190,000SF, and I am currently working on a 120,000SF LEED gold designed project.

I have my bachelors is civil engineering from College of Engineering Guindy, certification in General Business Management from Graduate school of Business, and Masters in Civil Engineering from Columbia University.