Shuqian Zhang

2020-21 Fellows

Shuqian Zhang is a Fellow of the Center for Buildings, Infrastructure and Public Space and enrolled in the Master’s Degree program for Construction Engineering & Management at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University. She got her bachelor degree at Virginia Tech in civil engineering. After that, she worked as an assistant engineer at Nantong Tongbo Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd, which located in China.

She has been interested in civil engineering because it is a subject that builds and creates. All the miracles are built by engineers. It is fascinating that how a structure is built from scratches and eventually brought into use.

Benefited from the study and engineering curriculum at Virginia Tech, she consolidated engineering foundation step by step and mastered a wide range of engineering skills such as construction management, transportation engineering, environmental engineering and even C programming. In addition, she sharpened my analytical skills and problem-solving ability through the extensive practical projects. For instance, she developed an in-depth understanding of engineering management and cost estimation in the New Grounds Equipment Storage Building Project in Fall 2018. Moreover, through the Highway Design Project in Spring 2019, she improved the engineering design skills and managed to put comprehensive factors into account to deliver optimal solution accordingly, from which she also boosted the proficiency of using OpenRoads ConceptStation software.

With the dedication in engineering, she worked as an assistant engineer at Nantong Tongbo Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. after graduating from Virginia Tech to gain real-world engineering experience. The work covers a broad range of responsibilities including liaisons, construction progress management, cost control and quality management, safety and environment management, etc.